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Luxury male escort

Discretion, service and quality are priority aspects for me as a luxury male escort, and intimacy is very important, and it seems that people do not value today.

My name is Cayetano, if you have come this far it is because you are tired of the men around you, or you would like to try new things, my role as a luxury male escort is that it be so.

With me you will find a large number of elements, behaviors and characteristics that will allow you to relax and enjoy yourself in equal measure. I am not just another man, I am a gentleman who understands women, educated and interesting, who overflows eroticism on the sides. I would like you to know my role as a luxury male escort, I would like you to meet Cayetano.

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Sensations with a luxury male escort

Surely more than once you have been curious to see what it feels like to be with a man who is at your level, who understands you, who makes you laugh and enjoy yourself. Just what you deserve.

Here are some of the words that summarize my life as a luxury male escort:


We will go beyond the elements, playing with our sexual desire, something fundamental to be able to enjoy life. Fantasy, imagination and sensory stimulation, the steps prior to enjoying good sex.


As a luxury male escort I will only tell you one thing, YOU set the limits. But I will give you some advice, we will put them to exceed them, because that is what life consists of, breaking the rules and enjoying yourself.


Indeed, I am prepared to accompany you as a luxury male escort. In that you return to recover the spark that enlivens your heart and your soul. See enjoy, there will be nothing more exciting.


The secret of life is in our eyes, in our gaze. There are many times that we have lowered it by not being able to possess something that we really wanted, more for fear of actually getting it. I would like to help you from my position as a luxury male escort to recover that flame.

This page talks about me, a luxury male escort, but above all a normal person. A man whose smile is his flag and his eyes are alive and flaming. That kind of person who when you cross the street gives you a sincere smile, even if he doesn’t know you, because he knows that that little gesture can brighten up a dull day.

Aware that perfection does not exist, and that it is something that can never be achieved, I strive to improve constantly. Books have helped me to travel, to know other cultures, and above all to live. I want you to understand that behind this male luxury escort there is a man, with his desires and concerns.

If you want to know more about me, about my experience as a luxury male escort, I invite you to browse this page. Perhaps you will find something that seduces your mind, something worth discovering.

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